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Scottie dog

Scottie dog tartan brooch from Southbeach Design, Troon

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Happy birthday to me

Hard to believe but doctor dolittle has just turned one. I ordered this custom perspex necklace from London-based jewellery designer Tatty Devine to celebrate my first 12 months of blogging.

Big, big thanks to everyone who has liked or commented on my posts or decided to follow doctor dolittle’s magpie musings.

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Three iconic handbags that I’ll probably never own

Forget shoes – my love of handbags borders on legendary.

My first ever Chanel 2.55
My first ever Chanel 2.55 (Photo credit: rosebennet)

The top of my wardrobe is stuffed full of bags: leather bags, pleather bags, sequined bags, animal-print bags, satin bags. They come in all shapes and sizes – tote, hobo, clutch, shoulder, messenger, shopper, envelope, bowling – and a myriad of colours and patterns. But I would trade them all for the chance to own just one beauty from my iconic handbag wish list.

Chanel 2.55 The classic quilted bag from Mademoiselle Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, with trademark chain strap and double C clasp. The 2.55 made its debut in February 1955. Like the Model T Ford before it, the 2.55 should always come in black (no ifs, no buts, no baby pink).

Hermès Birkin A close relative of the Kelly, this bag was launched in 1984 in response to actress Jane Birkin’s plea for the perfect hand luggage. Meticulously handcrafted, the Birkin costs a small fortune and reputedly has a waiting list that runs into years.  

Louis Vuitton Alma Thanks to their distinctive LV logo, Louis Vuitton bags do tend to get ripped off. A lot. The Alma bag in Epi leather is, however, nice and discreet. And a very versatile shape. Trouble is, this bag comes in lots of lovely colours and finishes, so it might be hard to choose just one to take home…

The 2.55, Birkin and Alma are, of course, a pipe dream: something gorgeous to blow the cash on when our numbers finally come up big on the lottery. But I can’t help wondering about the amount of money that I’ve spent on inferior bags over the years. I suspect that I may already have parted with the equivalent of an Alma.

Oh, shame on me!