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Hit the Road Mack

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Lots of things make me laugh. And Lee Mack is definitely one of them.

What with regular appearances on the panel shows and a new series of his sitcom Not Going Out grabbing a prime Friday night slot, it seems you just can’t get comedian Lee Mack off the telly these days. However, Lee’s currently away from the camera and putting the miles on his car as he tours the UK with a new stand-up show Hit the Road Mack.

We had tickets for the first show of Lee’s four-night residency at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow. A quick-fire gag merchant, some of the scripted material peddled during his frenetic set felt a tad 1970s for my taste. However, as anyone sitting in the front row of the stalls will confirm, Lee is at his absolute best when he has someone (willing or unwilling) to bounce off. His banter with members of the audience was spot on, but especially the back and forth he had with the poor lady in the circle, who no doubt thought she’d be safe from his scrutiny sat up there in the dark.

The encore was a kind of Q&A session. Glaswegian audiences are famed for their enthusiasm for a heckle. So, in the end, Lee was almost undone by a throwaway remark from the gods.

Lee Mack: Does anyone have any more questions?

Audience member: No!

The warm-up act was Uncle Fester lookalike Mike Gunn. Delivered in deadpan style, he treated us to a sweeping monologue about things women like but men don’t. Yes, lots of things make me laugh – and Mike Gunn can now be counted as one of them.

Hit the Road Mack tours nationwide through late December but I bet the DVD will hit the shops before then to catch the Christmas pressie scramble. Afterall, we’ll need something to watch if – by some strange quirk of the scheduling – Lee Mack isn’t on the telly every single day during the festive period.



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