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Sheryl Crow: Feels Like Home tour

Sheryl Crow album covers

Back in the early ’90s – when music came packaged as a cassette tape and I lived in a student flat in Glasgow – American singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow swerved past the ubiquitous Brit Pop and into our collective conscience with the release of her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club.

This slice of Americana became part of my personal soundtrack to those student years. Other albums and many plaudits followed for Sheryl but Tuesday Night Music Club has always remained my favourite. I even traded up from tape to CD.

Last night, Sheryl played a gig at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, which kicked off a mini UK tour to promote her latest album Feels Like Home. This collection of 12 songs has an unapologetically country vibe and is arguably her best recording in years.

Low-key in style and flanked by her tight band of freakishly tall and lanky musicians, Sheryl seamlessly rattled through a set that lasted almost 2 hours. Part rock chick, part country gal, she gave a full-on live performance that left our ears buzzing. Cannily, the new stuff, such as Shotgun and Callin’ Me When I’m Lonely, was interspersed with nuggets from the back catalogue, including a sizeable chunk from Tuesday Night Music Club. Highlight of the evening? When Sheryl whipped a harmonica out of the pocket of her black skinny jeans and did an extended solo. Awesome.

Three piece country-folk combo Red Sky July did the honours as Sheryl’s support act. The band’s lush harmonies won us over, so we stopped by the merch stand in the break and bought a copy of their album Shadowbirds. Very good it is too.

The Feels Like Home tour continues for the rest of this week.



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