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World Cup starts with a banger


Looking for a sweepstake with a difference? Then put your money where your mouth is and take a punt on the outcome of the inaugural sausage world cup.

Aberdeen-based butcher James Haig has created a limited edition sausage to represent each of the 32 nations in the starting line-up for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Sausages will be eliminated from the shelves as the competition progresses through the group and knock-out stages, leaving two sausages to fight it out at the final on 13 July.

However, this meaty competition comes with a twist. Despite the national team failing to qualify for the football World Cup, Scotland has been given a free pass all the way to the final of its sausage counterpart.

Could this be the year that we finally see Scotland lift the cup?

You can follow the progress of the sausage world cup on Haig’s Facebook page.

Check out your national sausage below:

Group A

  • Brazil – pork meat feast
  • Cameroon – pork & hot pepper
  • Croatia – pork, black pepper, paprika & garlic
  • Mexico – pork jalapeño

Group B

  • Australia – pork and XXXX beer
  • Chile – beef chilli
  • Netherlands – pork, syrup & waffles
  • Spain – pork chorizo

Group C

  • Colombia – beef & coffee
  • Greece – pork moussaka
  • Ivory Coast – chicken casserole
  • Japan – chicken & veg

Group D

  • Costa Rica – chicken, chilli & black bean
  • England – pork, ham & mustard
  • Uruguay – spicy beef
  • Italy – pork & Italian herbs

Group E

  • Ecuador – pork & potato
  • France – pork Toulouse
  • Honduras – beef & avocado
  • Switzerland – pork & Swiss cheese

Group F

  • Argentina – beef & red wine
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – pork & onion
  • Iran – lamb curry
  • Nigeria – pork, coconut & chilli

Group G

  • Germany – pork bratwurst
  • Ghana – spicy lamb
  • Portugal – chicken piri piri
  • USA – pork BBQ hot dog

Group H

  • Algeria –  lamb & parsley
  • Belgium – pork, chilli & chocolate
  • Russia – pork & vodka
  • South Korea – beef BBQ

Wild card

  • Scotland – pork, shortbread & Irn Bru


Prone to magpie tendencies, I enjoy nothing more than musing – in pictures and in words – on a few of my favourite things.

what do you think?

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