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Spanish-style chicken

English: Uncooked chicken legs
English: Uncooked chicken legs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other than the potential for wall-to-wall sunshine, one of the best things about being on holiday is the food, glorious food.

Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted that we recently visited Tenerife. To keep the holiday mood going once we got back to rain-drenched Glasgow, I decided to give this Marks and Spencer recipe for Spanish-style chicken a whirl:

I had fully intended to follow the recipe to the letter but a combination of necessity and a maverick streak meant that some minor adjustments took place before and during cooking. For starters, my local M&S store didn’t stock the exact pasta sauce required to make the casserole base, so I used a bottle of passata instead (adjusting the volume of chicken stock accordingly). They were also out of butter beans but I figured any white bean would do and went with a large tin of cannellini. Finally, as one pepper wasn’t quite enough for my liking, I added another (for aesthetic purposes, red, yellow or orange peppers are probably better than green if you too decide to go down this route).

Despite my meddling with the instructions, the finished dish was both hearty and delicious. However, as the mister rightly pointed out, it was a tad troublesome performing intricate surgical moves on the chicken legs while trying to watch Saturday night TV. I think perhaps I’ll make it with boneless chicken thighs next time…

Arriba el pollo!



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