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Let us eat cake!

Image by tannazie via Flickr

The UK has gone potty for home-baked goods. Just look at the ratings for BBC show The Great British Bake Off if you want solid proof of this emerging phenomenon.

Now a group of women has taken baking out of the kitchen and into the social scene. The Edinburgh Cake Ladies meet quarterly at a venue in the Scottish capital. The idea is simple: bake a cake, bring it along, eat cake (lots of cake). The only rule is that the cakes on offer must be big. As one member puts it “cupcakes are has-beens.”  Oh, and the more calorific the cake, the better.

Cake club is not a competition: there are no winners, no losers. Rather, it’s a chance for everyone to appreciate the joy of cake while sharing each other’s company. The club is cross-generational; although most of the women are 30-somethings, some are older and the youngest member is just 13 years old.

For far too many years, cake baking was considered unfashionable, the province of those ladies at the Women’s Institute. But no more—right now, cake baking is at the cutting edge of the craft revival. So, I say to you ladies (and gentlemen): get back in the kitchen and rediscover your childhood teatime treats.

Let us bake and let eat us all eat cake!



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