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Paper or digital?


I seem to find the previously simple task of producing a handwritten note not unlike the sensation I experienced when grappling with a pair of chopsticks for the first time.

I have become so reliant on modern technology that the nerves and muscles of my right hand have actually forgotten how to hold a pen. Oh, I can right-click and scroll to my heart’s content while I’m using my laptop. But frustration and an illegible scrawl are all that await if I decide to go offline. It’s such a shame as I love to browse the stationery goods on offer in shops like Paperchase. Notebooks, coloured writing paper, journals, packs of notecards, fancy pens. I could spend a small fortune.

Perhaps I need to go back to basics, retrace my steps to my early schooldays. I learnt to write once before—surely I can do so again.



Prone to magpie tendencies, I enjoy nothing more than musing – in pictures and in words – on a few of my favourite things.

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