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If I could make an appearance on any TV show

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Image by elkit via Flickr

I would really love to be a guest on The Daily Show. Being interviewed by Jon Stewart would be such a blast.

Here in the UK, we used to be able to watch The Daily Show every week night. Apart from being totally hilarious, it was the best way to keep up with US political life. However, the show was dropped by the channel earlier this year in order to accommodate the US version of Shameless in the schedule. Quite why we need the US version when we already have the original (i.e.UK) version is beyond me. Anyway, we now get to see The Daily Show Global Edition once a week. Frankly, it’s just not the same. The editing is shocking and I no longer have a handle on what’s really going on in America.

I’ve decided that my best chance of getting invited to guest on The Daily Show is to write a book. I just need to think of a suitable topic. Non-fiction seems to be the way to go (history or science or biography or political/social/economic comment). Or I could star in a movie. Failing that, I would be more than happy to fill in for John Oliver as the token Brit if he ever needs to take the night off.

If you’re reading this, Jon Stewart, then please feel free to give me the call…



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